Nail Extensions (Acrylics)

Acrylic extensions are the hardest wearing extensions so are great if you use your hands a lot or tend to break nails easily. These are also infilled after approx 2 – 3 weeks. If you want to remove the acrylics you will need to return to the salon to have these soaked off.


Full Set of French 1 hour £40
Full Set of Natural 1 hour £38
Natural Nail Overlays 1 hour £28.50
Infills/ Rebalance 45 mins £24.00
Add Polish to Acrylics 10 mins £0.00
Nail Art 10 mins £1


Soak Off and Tidy 45 mins £21
Soak Off with a New Set 30 mins £0.00
Soak Off with Natural Overlays 30 mins £5.00
Add Shellac to Acrylics 15 mins £10

Chrome Nails (and nail art)

These are chrome nails: the coolest new manicure trend for mirror-obsessed ladies of Bristol and beyond.

Chrome nails 15 mins £5

Chrome nails are applied on top of acrylic nails or Shellac.